The Bridge School

IQM Centre of Excellence Award

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IQM provides an evaluative framework which supports organisational self-assessment. With a strong theoretical and research base, the IQM Award provides a validation of current practice and a detailed report summarising the findings.

I can confirm that The Bridge School (secondary campus) has been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark’s Inclusive School Award with Centre of Excellence status.

Please extend my congratulations to all of your team.

Best wishes. 

Eilish McCann
January 2023

The Bridge School is a particularly outstanding example of a school committed to meet the needs of its pupils and is outstanding in its commitment to and implementation of inclusive practice.  All staff have an enthusiasm and passion for their part in the learning and lives of the pupils at the school. They are dedicated and positive about the futures of their pupils and would like to further promote the school’s expertise amongst the Trust’s mainstream schools and via the Trust’s training facility.  Everyone is committed and wanting to do the best they can for the pupils at The Bridge School. They provide an outstanding, caring environment for pupils where high expectations have a huge impact on their progress and wellbeing.  The Self Evaluation Report reflects the high quality of evaluation that exists in the school.  It is comprehensive and reflects the school as seen by the assessor.
I am of the opinion that the Bridge School fully meets the requirements of this IQM assessment. The school is interested in Centre Of Excellence status and I can categorically recommend the school to be considered for this based on the findings of this assessment.   

Roger Leeke MA
November 2022