The Bridge School

Aims, Ethos and Values

Making Remarkable Change Happen

Our mission is to help pupils thrive, to achieve the very best they can and to be happy. Our pupils are challenged via a personalised curriculum to achieve their full potential socially, academically, emotionally and vocationally. We value every pupil, celebrate their unique abilities, recognise every achievement and our aim is to help them graduate and go on to be as independent as possible and live safe, fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

Our mission statement is underpinned by our core values and these drive our approach to the curriculum. Our objective is to ensure, using a range of strategies including that the pupils in our care become as independent as possible, able to communicate with the world around them. Our core values of Respect, Kindness, Positivity, Courage, Inclusion and Independence are embedded into our learning programmes and school routines. We are committed to making the pupils in our care feel valued, valuable and secure.