I am very excited that I have been allowed to lead The Bridge School through the next stage of its development.  The Bridge School is an amazing place full of amazing people, supported by an ambitious Trust (USP). It is a school that is rapidly improving and making progress every week, as are the children who attend. Together we are not merely seeking to deliver quality teaching and learning but are passionate about innovating education and assessment. The Bridge is a school that aims to be not merely Good but Astonishing; where children won’t just do well but where they will thrive, and their days will include joy.

My mission, in partnership with our dedicated staff team, is to challenge pupils, via a new and exciting curriculum, to achieve their full potential: socially, academically and physically.

We promise to celebrate each pupils’ unique abilities, recognise every achievement, no matter how small and work in partnership with parents and carers. It is our aim to help every child go on to be as independent as possible and live happily in their communities.

But we can’t do this without the support and partnership of parents and carers. We need everyone to help us and to want us to succeed, to help us be the best we can be and build an education provision that the children of Ipswich and their parents deserve.

Do please feel free to come and visit the school in action. You will meet some fantastic young people and see that we are committed to making the students in our care feel valued, valuable, secure and safe.