Meet our Governors

The school’s Governing Board is made up of local people, parents, and a staff member (along with a member of the Trust and the headteacher) who are keen to help the school contribute to the community and to become the very best it can be.

The governors in partnership with the headteacher, are concerned with the educational matters, the maintenance of the school building, and the appointment of staff. The day-to-day details of teaching and management are the responsibility of the headteacher and the teaching staff.

Governing Body attend regular, minuted meetings on the school site and every effort is made to ensure they have the knowledge necessary able to carry out their significant responsibilities.

Stuart Ellis Chairman
Professional - Chief Executive of Change SP
Darryl Brook Parent Governor
Adam Goddard Parent Governor
Matthew Fuller Professional - Headteacher
Community Governor
Sarah Garner Professional - Director of HR & Finance USP
Community Governor
Ken Hawley Community Governor
Sabine Sutton Staff Governor
Malcolm Reeve Professional - SEND Consultant
Community Governor
Hazel J Simmons Headteacher
Rosemarie Smithson Community Governor
Chris Southwell Community Governor

Should you wish to contact a Governor, please send your communication via the school office.