The Bridge School


The Bridge School Assessments

If the skills in our bespoke development continuum are what we are teaching and believe are important, it is clear that our pupils should be assessed against those skills and of course against EHCP targets. As well as national assessment tools, we also use an on-line pupil-information system and we have created our own bespoke assessment tools and reporting profiles. We firmly believe we should measure what is important and not what is irrelevant and have grasped the governments ‘life without levels’ directive along with their advice regarding Knowledge and Skills balance in schools, to provide parents, careers, stakeholders and of course ourselves, with meaningful information rather than merely impractical numbers. We use a wide range of bespoke, as well as national frameworks, to assess the whole child’s
development: a basket of tools to ensure that we offer our pupils a range of methods and approaches through which to show us their ability.

EARWIG ACADEMIC: this programme incorporates:

EYFS PLUS Bridge Framework: This is our own enhanced version of the DfE EYFS framework, used with pupils in Reception classes.

EHCP targets: (Personal to Pupil) these are entered onto our on-line system, with additional interim targets entered as necessary and student’s progress towards them is assessed as:

Parents and staff alike will see this colour coded assessment for each of the primary and sub targets and be able to obtain an instant and meaningful picture of pupil progress.

TBS Cognitive and Behaviour Standards

Drawing on the work of the AET and other expert practitioners, we have created a bespoke assessment tool that, as with the EHCP targets, records progress against a simple but effective Green, Amber and Red rating system. There is a large bank of practical skills standards, covering topics such as Road Safety, Personal Care and Independence.