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All About Learning

The following are suggested learning programmes for your child.


A software package designed by clever teachers to turn the whole business of providing teaching evidence, making assessments, tracking progress and reporting into a pleasure rather than a chore.

Earwig’s SEN assessment can accommodate ANY of the conventional assessment structures that you are now using, allows you to add others, all in the same umbrella software package and also allows teachers to edit each framework to fit the situation.  this allows schools to create individual targets for each child, so that the progress objectives and measurements are appropriate for any type of level of disability.


Mathletics at home can give parents, tutors and home educators the ability to shape their child’s mathematics learning journey through detailed insights and reporting.

Built on a foundation of solid curriculum-led content and designed by a team of veteran educators, Mathletics complements and reinforces schoolwork and classroom learning, with full control in the hands of the parent, tutor or home educator.

Oxford Reading Buddy

Oxford Reading Buddy is a digital reading service that supports each child’s personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed, and provides teachers with valuable insights into their attainment and development. It is an easy to use and fully optimised digital platform that can be embedded into literacy lessons in order to seamlessly support independent reading.

Coaching eBooks that contain a personalised ‘Reading Buddy’ who models key comprehension strategies, supporting children as they read.


Other engagement and Learning Resources for all