The Bridge School is a wonderful school for the most vulnerable and needy pupils (aged 5 to 16) in our community. Our brave pupils deal with a multitude of challenges everyday, ranging from autism to speech difficulties, physical obstacles, anxiety and broad ranging medical needs. Their learning difficulties can make the simplest of community activity difficult and sometimes impossible.

Our aim is to help all pupils gain safe and enjoyable access to the wider world, enabling them to live enjoyable and fulfilling adult lives, with as much independence as possible. Unfortunately, as a state school, our funds are very limited. It is proven that learning outdoors and physical exercise are invaluable to improving the engagement and learning, wellbeing and health of pupils with severe learning difficulties. Thus we would like to invest in 2 major projects: 1) an outdoor wooden classroom to give our pupils access to the calming outside space where they can learn and 2) tricycles for our least physically able students to get the physical exercise and sense of freedom they so desperately need.

However, funding for such things is outside of the normal school budget. So the school staff are ‘walking’ to raise funds for the project. Participants include support staff, teaching assistants, teachers and of course the Headteacher.

This facility would mean a great deal for our pupils. If you are able to make a donation to sponsor our efforts we would be so very grateful and SEN children now, and in the future, would benefit from you generosity.

If you can help, that would be fantastic. Thank you.