Dear Parents and Carers

In the ‘old days’ pre COVID we had set up Parent Forums but sadly, within just a few months of my arrival, Covid came along and drove these on-line, which was very sad and less than satisfactory.

It is clear from the replies so far to our latest Questionnaire (more details about which we will share shortly) that very many of you wish there could be more events in school for parents and opportunities to discuss things in a larger group, face to face. It has been very frustrating for you all, we absolutely realise, and similarly, we are sad we have not been able to fully share with you the tremendous progress the school has made in the last two-years.

Clearly the guidance to us is very strict re Omicron presently and we are keen to keep all our pupils as safe as possible. However, the restaurants and cinemas are open and so we feel we could and should and want to offer you a chance to come into school and speak to us.

It would be inappropriate to do this during the school day, but we are going to hold a Parent Forum on February 9th at 5pm.

This will be in school, in the large hall: socially distanced with good ventilation BUT there will be cake and beverages.

Apart from things you wish to discuss, it will be an opportunity for us to share with you ideas we have, and get your views for: Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations; plans for a residential camp for some secondary age pupils; suitable ‘school pairing’ opportunities abroad; plans for a KS4 vocational café; future parent workshops and also what you would like to see Parent Meetings / Consultations look like in the future (they haven’t happened properly for so long, we may as well make them what you want them to be).

The Forum is not intended to be a presentation by us but a real conversation and sharing of ideas. 

Please send an email to: if you would like to come or have questions.

We hope you can make it!
Kind regards

Hazel Simmons


  • There will be an opportunity for you to visit your child’s classroom on the 9th, social distancing and mask wearing accepted.
  • Children may attend with you if you wish.
  • The building will be thoroughly cleaned before pupils come back into school the next day.
  • It would be irresponsible for us to cram people into the Hall so we will limit places to 50 and if more parents wish to attend, organise an additional day for the following week.