Another Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Just to recap on the process for class closures (although I need to add that we get large documents with changing guidance form PHE and the DfE on at least a weekly basis).

If we have a positive COVID outbreak

  1. Our own internal Track and Trace is activated and any staff or children we believe have been exposed to the virus will asked to go home / stay at home immediately. 
  2. At the same time, school staff (or me if it is an evening notification) will telephone to advise them of the situation.
  3. A ParentMail will be sent to ALL parents telling them there has been a case (even if it does not effect their child’s class or area).
  4. SCC and PHE and the DfE are notified immediately.
  5. PHE work with us to tell us what we need to do over and above what we might already have actioned.
  6. Once PHE have agreed the plans, more details will be sent to parents (by the end of the day after the class closure). NB: Sometimes the plans will change as new information emerges, which is unavoidable I am afraid.
  7. Teachers of the closed classes will prepare remote learning for students and a schedule of streamed lessons. The teachers will notify parents what the work is and give them the live streaming schedules.
  8. Materials will be emailed and as soon as practically possible, administration staff will print, collate and despatch materials to students homes (a week’s worth at a time). These will be despatched by the method most useful to parents and practical for the school at the time: mail or personal delivery.
  9. Those children who receive Free School Meals will also receive vouchers for the days not in school in these packages.
  10. Teachers of the classes will stay in contact with all parents in their own class throughout.
  11. Class teachers (unless they themselves are poorly) are the first point of contact for parents and available to you all day / every day.
  12. Welfare department is also available to anyone.
  13. We will send periodic / regular notices with updated information when it becomes available.
  14. We are of course available to speak with any parent regarding any aspect of the situation at any time.

Kind Regards
Hazel Simmons