Latest about Learning at The Bridge

Dear Parents and Carers,

We continue to closely follow the guidance and updates from the Department of Education and Public Health England. In consultation with our Trust, we have put together a package of learning and welfare support for the pupils at The Bridge School. This now includes a phased return to school for most pupils, telephone support, on-line support and ‘garden-gate’ visits plus a few custom services. If you have issues re accessing digital materials, please contact us asap: if we can help we will.

You will all have received letters from us detailing the in-school provision available for your child. A copy of the overview letter can be found here.

If you initially decided to keep your child at home but change your mind and wish to take up the offer, please just contact us and, with a week’s notice, we will put this in place for you.

Children’s Engagement and Learning

On our website you will find a link to on-line activities that may be helpful to you. In addition, teachers are preparing weekly schedules of activities that will be posted on the website here. We will also send this to you by Parent Mail. There are also lots of general resources for all including PECS symbols that may be useful. In addition, we will send a regular video containing a MAKATON lesson.

Our YOUTUBE channel now has quite a large bank of 5 minute messages from teachers that you can still dip into as you wish (but we are not making any new ones at the moment). You will be able to access the YouTube channel on the Engagement and Learning page.

Our emails continue to be manned and responded to during term-time so do please contact us with any questions or concerns. The website contains all the email addresses of teachers and teaching assistants and you are welcome to contact them during normal hours for help and advice as required.


If you have any concerns about the safeguarding of your child, please contact the Welfare Team on:
Elaine Griffin – 07496 305183 or email
Nick Whitman – 07496 305197 or email

With best wishes to all of our pupils and their families.

Kindest regards,

Hazel Simmons